2019 Resolutions

I am not one to draft a lot of resolutions about starting to exercise, eating a healthier diet, quitting smoking, losing weight, etc., etc. In fact, I believe it has been years since I have written resolutions. BUT as a cancer patient I sort of feel a sense of urgency here. So today I am offering a few resolutions that are important for me. I hope they inspire you as well.

Number 1 – I resolve to try to be brave and complain less about whatever physical problems that I have from the cancer and/or treatments. I am not normally a complainer anyway, but I can see how I could slide into that role when and if things go badly. I hope not because people want to see you being brave and positive. I want that too but honestly after reflecting inside my mind some days, I don’t know if I can be as brave as the Redhead (Teresa) was. She was so strong all the way till the and I admired her more that I can articulate.   I have to work on my inner peace and self-talk.

Number 2 – I resolve to try to love everyone unconditionally. In my opinion, this is not possible as a human unless you are enjoying a little baby or a very old person who is slipping away intellectually. With everyone else we are continually making judgements of some type or another. Pure souls (angels) in the spirit form have complete understanding and unconditional love for each other and their human counterparts here on earth. My plan is to look at others and not apply for pesky filters. I hope I am more successful that in the past. I need to love as deeply and completely at this point because I know people love and support me like I have never experienced before. And I need to tell people just how much I love them!

Number 3 – I resolve to continue to do the things that can potentially help me in my battle. Eating healthy, exercise when I can, work on calming my mind, and be as social as my energy will allow. All of these will help my body and my attitude.

Number 4 – Surrender my outcomes to the spirit world and all my angels in the light. If this is the time for my transition, then I need to accept that as thoroughly as possible. We all are born and we all will die. Everyone has a time that they will transition to the spirit world where there is no pain, no anguish, no regrets, and no fears. Only pure unconditional love. I think this is the hardest one of all since even though we have those beliefs,  as humans we always want to complete something while here on earth. Maybe a legacy of some type. But we all must realize that we have already created whatever legacy we were supposed to create, and we will live on in the memories of those left behind. That should give us all a measure of comfort.

None of us know what new adventures we will have in 2019 but I can predict that some will be glorious, and some will be devastating. Some will be expected, and some will be a surprise. Some will soar us to the greatest heights and some will slam us into the ground. But this is what our human experience is all about. And this is why we are here in this harsh physical world.

For each of you I hope your good experiences will overshadow your bad experiences and when you do have those troubled times that you are able to overcome your sorrows and fly.

Love, Jim


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